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 Player classes

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Adventurer: One of the most common warriors in the kingdom of swordhaven, adventurers do not specialize in honing any kind of specific skill, but instead employ a variety of different equipment to fight their opponents. Equally skilled in magic and swordplay, the adventurer uses a variety of spells, companions, and special armors to boost their skills, as well as being able to use all types of weapons well. as a result of this, however, adventurers have few special powers, and tend to lose out in overall skill compared to those more specialized in their fields.

Guardian: Utilizing special armor and spells unique to their order, Guardians are powerful protectors of the realm. Similar to adventurers, they tend to be balanced in terms of magical and physical skill, but instead of using a variety of armors, they tend to use a few special techniques and equipment unique to their order.
Guardian armor is very resilient to attacks, and their armor and blade are very powerful. Most prevalent is their amazing ability to, with focus, summon a great dragon to wash their opponents in a special magical flame, but that ability is used rarely, and only by the very greatest of guardians.

Fighter: specializing in learning techniques to inflict the most harm on their opponents, fighters are powerful masters of the battlefield. Though truly knowing little in terms of magical skill, Fighters have more strength and speed than most, training their bodies to the utmost, and are able to take as well as give hits with their strong armor. They have little in the way of magic, though, save perhaps for some minor healing spells.

Mage: practitioners of magic who draw on the energies of the world, mages learn more and more powerful spells than any other class. Learning to feel the very fabric of the worlds energies allows them to not only learn, but actually modify the effects and power of their spells beyond normal. Their only lacking area is that as a result of such a focus on magic, they are weak physically compared to the other classes, though they make that up in part by using magical items to fight with rather than physical.

Rogue: similar and yet distinct from fighters, Rogues also fight in a physical manner, but using different techniques than a warrior. rather than charging in with a large blade and heavy armor, these people rely on their speed and - well, anything they can get their hands on, really - to jump in and out of harms way. Rogues have an incredible amount of accuracy with ranged weapons, and are known to use bows, crossbows, slings, and throwing knives, amongst other ranged weapons, to great effect. in close combat, they tend to use short daggers or lightweight scythes to fight at a much quicker pace than their opponents, though the cost is the lesser damage such small and light weapons inflict. This can be mitigated by some of the other tools Rogues use, such as poisons or paralyzing agents. Whether it's throwing an explosive at you from a distance or slitting your throat from behind, the only thing you can be sure about with rogues is that you'll never see their next move coming.

Vampire: These creatures have traded their very humanity for power. Cold to the core and lacking a stable heartbeat, but these creatures are still much more dangerous than any ordinary zombie or undead - and much, much more cunning. Vampires specialize in dark spells and life-draining attacks, and can even transform to demonic forms for short periods in order to gain a short burst of unimaginable power. while able to use magic and physical strengths, combined with life-draining ability, the price is that both the spells they use, and the weapons they wield, indeed their very nature itself is now tied to the darkness element, making them vulnerable to the elements of light and fire.
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Player classes
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