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PostSubject: Techniques   Techniques EmptyThu Mar 29, 2012 4:12 am

Techniques: these are the techniques that will be used to boost your character's abilities, and help them ascend to legends. If you wish to suggest techniques to add to this list, put them in the questions and suggestions forum, and we'll look over and decide whether or not to approve them.

Warrior Skills:


six hit combo: focusing his energies, the fighter temporarily increases both his speed and strength to unleash a devastating six hit combo, any hit of which is quite deadly, on his opponent. This is more costly than any other basic attack on his stamina, however.

Crushing blow: Focus your energies, temporarily boosting your raw strength to double it's normal capability to unleash a crushing blow on the opponent with your chosen weapon.

Strength boost: Focusing your energy, you increase your muscle's basic strength, allowing you to gain a moderate increase to your strength for short periods.


Call friend: using a loud shout, you call a training partner from the old days to come and help, lending his blade to aid you.

Mage skills:


Fire bat swarm: Summons four constructs of flame to hit the enemy in the shape of bats, each exploding on impact

earthstrike: summons up a spire of rock to impale the opponent.

Rainstorm: Summons a small shower from the tips of your fingers and launches it at the opponent at high speeds.

Iceball: Creates a huge sphere of Ice to strike the opponent.

double whirlwind: Creates not one but two whirlwinds to send at your opponent.

Current Event: Creates lightning in front, behind, and above the opponent to strike him.


Summon blue flying eyeball:
summons a blue eyeball to aid you in your battles. this small winged eyeball shoots out a small blue laser that will add to the summoner's mana as it damages the enemy.

Rogue skills:


Smoke bomb: This ability has the rogue blind everyone around temporarily by throwing a smoke bomb on the ground suddenly, causing everyone to have difficulty finding their opponent... except for the rogue.

Rapid combo: focusing their energies, the Rogue comes in with a rapid dance of blades on their opponent, a knife in each hand moving faster than the eye can track! More costly than most basic skills.

Vampire skills:


Shadowbat swarm: Calls a group of four shadowbats to assail your enemy. the shadowbats explode in a blast of darkness upon striking the opponent.

Life drain: By taking a brief moment to concentrate before striking, the vampire can heal any of his own wounds by a minor amount if he causes a good amount of damage to the opponent.


Summon firebat:

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